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Ergonomic stool

Certain jobs require work to be performed in highly constricting postures. In aerospace, mechanics, pharmaceuticals and more, study after study has shown high rates of musculoskeletal disorders in workers. Few products on the market can meet the particular needs of these industries, which can make improving working conditions in them difficult and complex. Yet alleviating these constraints—and their potential long-term effects—is essential.

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With this context in mind, Synetik has developed a range of ergonomic stools that meet a variety of situations where prolonged and constraining postures are required. Our ergonomic stools can be used to perform a task near the ground or higher up, and the material used in them meet a catalogue of industry requirements thanks to their resistance, durability and comfort.

Whether the work is done in a static position or in constant motion, worker comfort is indispensable: it’s a matter of worker well-being and efficiency. By eliminating high-risk postures, the rate of injury and the presence of painful symptoms can be reduced, which constitutes a profitable investment for your company.

Why choose an ergonomic stool?

There are many reasons why you should choose an ergonomic stool. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Encourages joint alignment (shoulders, neck, back, knees, heels)
  • Optimizes blood circulation in the lower limbs
  • Adapts to a range of work environments
  • Minimizes the harmful effects of static work