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Ergonomic chair

Ergonomics is a booming industry right now and has created a diverse and multi-range product offer. Choosing the right equipment can be difficult, especially when it comes time to choose an ergonomic chair. But before you buy just anything labeled ergonomic, it’s a good idea to shop around a bit first: the term “ergonomic” has become overused lately and one not always synonymous with smart buying.

By sector

Our ergonomic chairs are designed to optimize worker comfort and reduce the risk of discomfort and injury. By offering a variety of unique features, our chairs adapt to a multitude of working environments, making the people in them safer and more productive.

When you work in a seated position, freedom of movement with minimum effort is essential, and it was with this fact in mind that Synetik created its ergonomic chairs. They offer the adjustments you need to adopt a comfortable and optimal working position. By reducing constraining postures and muscle and joint fatigue, worker well-being is maximized and performance improved.

The following features and adjustments are possible with our ergonomic chairs:

  • Adjustable height and seat depth: To meet the needs of people big and small
  • Adjustable seat angle: For better support in the lumbar region
  • Adjustable height and back angle: To optimize support for the back and lumbar region
  • Adjustable arm height and length: To provide the upper-limb support your physical dimensions require
  • Stability: Thanks to its five-leg base
  • Resistant and durable material: To suit your working environment and the requirements of the job