The TF-180 in suede is an ergonomic stool that allow for multiple adjustment, which are all posisble with the triple mechanical levers. Due to the fireproof tissue that coats this stool, it becomes the perfect furniture for welding work.

Weld overlay

Product Description

  • 3’’ height adjustment «Floating without interval »
  • Backrest adjustment range 16’’ to 19’’
  • Ergonomic padded backrest (16’’w x 14’’h)
  • High resilience Velva foam
  • Profiled seat (19,75”w x 16”d x 2”h)
Multi tilt mechanism
  • Mechanism type «Floating without interval »
  • Floating spring tension adjustment
  • Seat angle adjustment
  • Seat height adjustement
  • 28” industrial steel
  • 20” footrest (adjustable height)
Seat height adjustment
  • Cylinder 200 mm (20’’ x 28’’)
Casters / Glides
  • 3” rubber casters (slow rolling)
  • Large format (16”w x 17”h)
  • X-large format (17,5”w x 21”h)
  • Fireproof height, side adjustment and swivels
Seat height adjustment
  • Cylinder 270 mm (23’’ x 33.5”)
Casters / Glides
  • 3” rubber casters with brake (slow rolling)
  • 3” double rubber casters (fast rolling)
  • 3” double rubber casters with brake (fast rolling)
  • 2” glides
  • 3” glides
Additionnal options
  • Extra lumbar support
  • Memory foam (seat)
  • Memory foam (backrest)
  • 32” industrial steel
  • 24” footrest (adjustable height)
  • Tool compartment (11’’w x 6’’d x 1’’h)
  • Tool compartment (19’’w x 8’’d x 1’’h)
  • Welding
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial/mining
  • Transport
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Adjustable seat height and angle for an ergonomic and comfortable position
  • Backrest angle adjustment offers optimal back support
  • Reduces lower limb muscular effort

Synetik design guarantees all their products against manufacturing defaults for a full ten (10) years following the date of purchase. The frames of the
stools, the pneumatic cylinder and all fixed features of the stool are guaranteed for life. Any moving mechanical parts are covered for ten (10) years. This
guarantee does not apply to products needing replacement due to normal wear and tear, due to negligence, obvious abuse, or any damage caused
in transport or any use of the product not in conformity with the included instructions and hazard warnings. Synetik design offers no other guarantee
against wear other than the applications indicated within this document. Synetik design will not be held responsible at any time for any damages
received, interests accrued, direct or indirect losses, incidental or consequential losses, repeated losses or damages. This guarantee applies only to
regular use, meaning a standard eight (8) hour work day, and for use by an individual with a maximum weight of 350lbs.
During the guarantee period, Synetik design will repair or replace any product covered by the guarantee, if they are found to be defective or not in accor-
dance with production standards. All claims must be made at the point of sale.
All defective merchandise must be made available to Synetik’s representative for complete inspection. This guarantee applies exclusively to the terms
and conditions listed above, and to the original purchaser only. The original purchaser is deemed to be the individual who purchased a new product from
Synetik design or from an authorized distributor or reseller, for their personal use

Expert’s opinion

Maggie Lambert


This seat provides multiple adjustments and optimal comfort. Correct posture and increased mobility no matter the morphology of the user result in reduced fatigue.

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